Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray | Review

Urban Decay All nighter Makeup setting spray

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

If you don’t know much about setting sprays, they’re supposed to set your makeup into place without settling into fine lines, and keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. And who doesn’t love makeup setting spray? Well, I do!! When UD launched their makeup spray earlier this year I wanted to try it seeing all the hype but still I was skeptical so I went ahead and got a travel size and I don’t regret this.

I am pretty impressed with this makeup setting spray because it keeps my makeup looking fresh. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is a fine mist and you can pump the product easily towards your face. It only takes me 2 pumps to cover my entire face. I spray diagonally across my face and repeat in the opposite direction and at times right in front of my face. This ensures that I have got all angles of my face covered and makeup won’t disappear from areas that I may have missed.  When first applied it might feel tad bit wet on your skin but this quickly sinks in your skin and locking your makeup. UD claims that this locks your makeup for 16 hours but I haven’t wore makeup for more than 8 hours so that’s tough to say but your makeup stays in place for quite few hours without smudging any of your face makeup. I like to use this spray even when I am not wearing makeup just for that refreshing look. I love how my skin looks with this spray. It works well as a primer too. Before applying any make-up just lock your skin with this spray and there you get a flawless looking base!!

I highly recommend this to you all. Would I repurchase it? Even though I loved this mist there are so many other setting sprays that I would love to try as well so probably not for now.

Have anyone tried this before? Which is your favorite makeup setting spray? Thanks for reading!

How To Avoid Under-Eye From Creasing


Creasing under my eyes is one problem I face and tried lot of things to avoid it but it would never go. So, I just assumed that it’s going to be like this whatever concealer I use but recently after trying so many methods I found a way to avoid creasing my under-eyes.

Prep your under-eye:

Like your face and body, your under-eyes also need it’s nourishment so always apply an under eye cream before you start with your makeup.


I have seen many you-tubers doing this and I finally I gave it a try and boy! I was so glad I did this. I applied very little amount of my face primer on my under-eyes and allowed it to absorb for few seconds.

Correct and Conceal:

Take your favorite concealer I apply on your dark-circles. If you have very intense dark-circles, I would suggest you to use an orange corrector to avoid looking grey under your eyes. After applying corrector, apply any concealer. I like to use my ring finger or my RT miracle sponge to set my concealer.

Set with a powder:

Setting your concealer is very important. There were days when I applied concealer but never used any powder to apply and that gave me heavy creasing within an hour so I highly recommend using any powder to set your base. I like to use compact powder to set my under-eyes or you can use any loose powder to set and highlight. I love using nyx loose powder as its super fine and smooth.

What do guys do to avoid creasing under your eyes? I would love to know your tips and tricks. Thanks for reading!

August Favorites 2016



It’s been a while since I did a favorites post so I just thought to share my personal favorites for the month of august.  Summer is over and we are already in Fall/Autumn now. This year is just going so fast before I realize. Anyways, these are some of favorites which I used a lot in the past month.

August Favorites 2016

NYX Liquid Suede in Softspoken: This is such a gorgeous nude shade and very similar to KVD Lolita. This is a matte lipstick but not at all drying on your lips and stays for more than 6 hours. This shade compliments every skin tone and goes well with any eye look or no makeup look. Click here for full review.

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation: This foundation is great for my skin type (dry). I love how my skin looks in photos with this foundation on. I had few events and function to attend and I used this foundation and my skin looked flawless with any dryness or patchiness. Click here for full review.

NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic: I am a highlighter girl. I love using highlighters but not intense and I loved how this highlighter looked on my skin. It is pigmented but not an intense highlighter and gives a very nice natural dewy look. You can always apply more for more intense look with this highlighter. Click here for full review.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: This is one of my favorite drugstore concealer.  I love how this concealer gives a neat coverage and hides my dark circles. This is one of those concealers which never crease on me. The days when I don’t want to put any makeup but want to hide my dark circles and little pigmentation I always reach out for this. Click here for full review.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black: This is jet matte black. I used it almost every single day. This is a must try liquid eyeliner from drugstore and it’s just couple of bucks which is super affordable. Click here for full review.

Have you used of these products before? Which one is your favorite? Thanks for reading!



Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette | Review


This palette has been hiding somewhere inside and I totally forgot about how much I love this palette. Sadly, this not available anymore but you can get the shades separately in Morphe brushes website. This palette was in collaboration with a Youtuber Jaclyn Hill and Morphe brushes and was much hyped palette. It was first released in January 2015 but I didn’t get it and then I saw so many people raving about this palette so when they released this palette for the second time in April 2015 I grabbed them. The Morphe brushes site was totally jammed but still I managed to get them and glad I did it.

This palette has 28 shades with variety of finishes like matte, shimmer, duo-chrome and metallic. This palette has mainly warm, medium warm and deep warm and cool tones as Jaclyn Hill love her warm shades. I love the fact that this palette has lot of warm shades options which can be suitable for all skin tones. These are so pigmented, smooth and not powdery at all. The metallic shades are super pigmented and makes your eye look pop. If you only owned this eyeshadow palette you’d be pretty set when creating everyday looks to more dramatic ones.  However, a black shade is missing but none the less this palette is wonderfully curated and I love using it. This palette was priced at $27.99 and this makes one eyeshadow pan literally just $1.


4- A frosty off-white highlight shade

54- A shimmery peach champagne

6- A shimmery beige champagne

76- A shimmery golden beige

64- A warm brown

14- Matte burnt orange

75- A shimmery rusted gold

67- Light peach-brown with pink and purple duo-chrome

13- Milk chocolate brown

62- Brown with taupe undertones

63- Medium cool brown

20- Warm brown with strong gold shimmer

47- Burnt orange with intense gold shimmer

66- Matte coral

33- A bright peachy pink

68- Metallic berry

16- Rosy brown

15- Warm orangey caramel brown

61- Cool khaki brown

24- Soft brown with red undertones

74-Metallic copper- bronze

11- Garnet

59- Matte vibrant pink magenta

38- Purple with blue duo-chrome

53- Medium muted shimmer grape purple

48- Deep shimmer toned purple

71- Matte maroon

19- Vibrant rock green

Overall, I love this palette and it’s a great palette from neutral to dramatic look.


Price: $27.99

Rating: 5/5

ELF Glitter Primer | Review


Lately I have been obsessed with all glitter eye-makeup and I really want to try one before because I have never done any kind of glitter eye-makeup. I didn’t want to spend much on a glitter primer because I was not sure will I like it or not so when I was walking on my Target beauty aisle I spotted this incredibly amazing Glitter Primer from ELF.

This is primer is literally $2 and totally worth and works really best for the price. The glitter sticks very easily and glue has consistency like elmers glue. Texture is smooth and blends easily and the color of glue is beige, but it turns out in clear transparent layer after blending it.Just apply the glitter primer wherever you want it and then take your loose glitter and just dab it and voila!! It looks so beautiful and glitter stays on place for quite a long time and no fallouts.  Your eye doesn’t feel stiff or sticky with this glitter primer which is great. This is not a waterproof so comes out very easily.

The packaging comes in a squeeze tube with a silver cap and it’s not messy to use.

I highly recommend this glitter primer/glue to everyone because of its price and for beginners who wants to play with glitters.


Which is your favorite glitter glue/primer?  Have you used this one before? Thanks for reading 🙂