Basic Makeup Tips For Beginners

For every girl, knowing some basic makeup tips that can make them look good within minutes are essential to know. Not all of us are blessed with good skins and features, so some basic makeup always do the job. Follow these basic makeup tips to make your days brighter!


Moisturizer is important before getting started with the makeup as they allow the base to set properly which can facilitate the application of makeup later. When you have to apply makeup, first rub a dab of moisturizer on your face and neck in a gentle, circular motion. Make sure your skin has absorbed it completely before you think of applying any other product.


Concealers play an influential role in giving you that flawless complexion which you have always longed for. They fulfill the purpose by hiding those unwanted dark under-eye circles, freckles and discolorations. However, in order to achieve that spotless complexion, you have to make sure to get hold of the right type and shade of concealer. After moisturizing your skin, take a bit of concealer and damp it lightly on the parts your skin which you need to cover up.


It is important that your concealer stays on for a long time. To make sure that happens, gently pat a matte powder on your face smoothly. Dusting of powder will soak up the undesirable oil too which will help in giving you that fresh look. Opt for a neutral tone of powder. It does not only look natural but is also capable of giving you  that extra coverage.


For that eye-opening look, first of all make use of an eye curler. This will help in increasing the length of your lashes and the size of your eyes. Remember to invest in a good quality of curler as you do not want to ruin those precious lashes of yours. Once you are done with curling, coat your lashes with a good brand of mascara. You can apply as many coats as you want for  that desired effect but allow the first coat to dry before applying another one.


If you, like all the other women also want that healthful glow on your face, then you need a good blush. A blush can make your face look automatically bright. For this reason, make a habit of applying blush on a regular basis on the apple of your cheeks. In order to do so, get started with smiling as this will bring out the apples of your cheeks. This is the exact place where you need to rub in some color and extend it towards the direction of your ears. Blending is important.


To add a tinge of style to your personality, bring your lips under the spotlight! Be it tinted or nude, a gloss is bound to draw attention to your lips which are the sexiest part of your entire self.

Following image shows you an alternative for beginners which can also be used.

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