How To Avoid Under-Eye From Creasing


Creasing under my eyes is one problem I face and tried lot of things to avoid it but it would never go. So, I just assumed that it’s going to be like this whatever concealer I use but recently after trying so many methods I found a way to avoid creasing my under-eyes.

Prep your under-eye:

Like your face and body, your under-eyes also need it’s nourishment so always apply an under eye cream before you start with your makeup.


I have seen many you-tubers doing this and I finally I gave it a try and boy! I was so glad I did this. I applied very little amount of my face primer on my under-eyes and allowed it to absorb for few seconds.

Correct and Conceal:

Take your favorite concealer I apply on your dark-circles. If you have very intense dark-circles, I would suggest you to use an orange corrector to avoid looking grey under your eyes. After applying corrector, apply any concealer. I like to use my ring finger or my RT miracle sponge to set my concealer.

Set with a powder:

Setting your concealer is very important. There were days when I applied concealer but never used any powder to apply and that gave me heavy creasing within an hour so I highly recommend using any powder to set your base. I like to use compact powder to set my under-eyes or you can use any loose powder to set and highlight. I love using nyx loose powder as its super fine and smooth.

What do guys do to avoid creasing under your eyes? I would love to know your tips and tricks. Thanks for reading!

3 Lip Hacks You Need To Try

Hey lovelies!!

Here are few hacks to get that perfect lips!

For long lasting:

Before you apply any lip color, just apply a coat of compact powder on your lips. The powder helps the lip color to lock and stay in place. Also it prevents your lipstick from smudging and bleeding.

For a Perfect cupids bow:

Use your lip liner to draw a cross on your upper lip, and then fill in your lip color for that perfect cupids bow.


Lipstick fading away too soon??

After you apply your first layer of lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and then reapply your lipstick again.

Hope you guys liked it!

Disclaimer: Above images are not mine. They are taken from google images.