HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection | Shampoo + Conditioner | Review

Having a healthy hair is so important.  I am not regular on my hair care routines and I see my hair getting worse and worse but thankfully because of HASK my hair looks quite healthy with shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner.  I love HASK haircare range and I have used their SuperFruit Healthy Hair collection earlier and I just love it and used that religiously until I ran out of it . I was way too excited to when I got this CHIA from HASK.

Who doesn’t love Chia Seeds in their diet and smoothies? Well, I do!! They are so nutritious and full of anti-oxidants and so yummy. Like your body needs rich nutrients, hair also requires the same amount of care. This was the first time me trying a shampoo with chia. I was super excited to try and see how it works for me.

HASK Shampoo:

The texture is thick and pearly white and it lathers really well. It takes all the greasy residue and oiliness from my hair. The fragrance is so soothing and calming. Feels so natural fragrance and I love it. One thing I noticed with this was that my hair felt super smooth, soft and frizz free. I have wavy and frizzy hair and this shampoo made my hair look healthy and bouncy. I have been using this shampoo since the time I have got and I am already running out of it. I would definitely purchase this. That much I love this!!

HASK Conditioner:

I always tend to apply conditioner on my ends because they are very dry and I did the same with this conditioner. The texture is thick and white and fragrance is pretty much similar to the shampoo. It has a very natural soothing fragrance. After shampooing, I applied this conditioner and left for about 5 mins and rinsed well. My hair felt so soft and once they dried I could see how bouncy and voluminous my hair looks. I was thrilled by the results at my first time use itself. I absolutely love this and have been using this ever since I got it.

HASK has some really great products and this is one of them. I highly recommend this to all hair types. They do what they state and its very affordable. My hair looks so healthy and smooth. I love when my hair feels this way.  A good hair can instantly increase your self-confidence. Overall, I love this combo and it does wonderful job and how cute is the bag in which the products come 🙂

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Have you tried anything from HASK before? Which shampoo and conditioner is your favorite? Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Thoughts and opinions are my own 100% unbiased an honest. (Sponsored Post)



13 thoughts on “HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection | Shampoo + Conditioner | Review

  1. Shehnaz- (thebeauty&foodlab) says:

    I always look for haircars products that provide frizz free results and do not make my hair limp. You kept repeating that the chia seed combo provided frizz control and your hair felt voluminous. I should definitely try and get my hands on this one😍

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