How to hide your acne using makeup

Its almost earth shattering when a pimple decides to appear the day before your date. The only thing that can save you at the last moment is makeup. It can hide almost anything. Here are a  few tips to hide your acne/pimple using makeup,

First cleanse and moisturize your face before using any makeup. This will make your skin look flawless and will create a smooth canvas for makeup.

The next step is apply a primer. Apply a good primer all over the face

Next is to hide the acne/pimple using a concealer. Just dab your brush on the spot and let it it settle in.

Now use a green/yellow concealer to hide those pimples. Green concealer should be used if your pimple/acne are red.If your pimples are not red, you may be better off choosing a yellow concealer to cover them but make sure you don’t choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin. You will just be drawing all the attention to that spot by doing so.

wait for the concealer to set and then apply foundation.You may also want to apply some powder so the spot remains hidden.

Once all of this settles, you can start applying your makeup.


Hope you guys enjoyed !

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