How to Style the Off Shoulder Clothing: The Fashion Guide

Guest Post By Lavanya P

Off shoulder tops are right now the hottest thing in the world of women’s fashion! The cold shoulder tops, the cousins of off shoulders came into the picture after a long period of dormancy. And now, once again, the fashion world has been rocked hard by these trendy cuties. Although the bare shoulders are downright brilliant, we still have issues when it comes to their styling. How to wear? Which accessories will go with the outfit? What about the makeup? All this goes in mind when we try off shoulder but here are some tips on that, which should ease your turmoil. Read on!

  1. Pair them up with Palazzo!

Aye, another hottest trend of the season, Palazzo pants. These wide legged trousers became every girl’s new best friend, owing to the comfort that pajamas give and the the best part of it is that you can actually be stylish in them! And coming to off shoulder tops, let’s go on with one rule. If the pants are printed, go for a plain and simple tops. With lace linings or something similar. But no prints on prints!


  1. Say yes to skinny jeans

Skinny jeans is love. And an off shoulder top on it is super stylish and chic-looking. Again, make sure that you wear something that compliments your whole look. You can go for striped tops, as they look really cool with the jeans. Sneakers can be donned too, if you want a casual look! And as for the alternative, there are always heels!

offshoulder+skinny jeans

  1. Let it rain Skirts!

Do you know who invented the skirts? If you do, well, you should thank that person because skirts are the lifelines of girls. They come to the immediate rescue of hiding those extra pounds, or when it’s an emergency look-like-a-lady occasion, oh you get the picture! And just imagine how cute you’d be looking if you wore a cute off shoulder top on a nice floral or printed skirt? So bring them up, and get loads of compliments for the fashionista that you are!

  1. Dresses

Ah, well. Dresses! Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s off shoulder oh-so-chic looking dress (from the TV show!)? Yeah well, that woman could pull over any look! And so can you. Get the off shoulder dress and rock it. Get some pleasant colors like corals, pinks, and blues, in floral prints if possible. And then pair them up with stilettos and you’re good to go. You can order them online for jaw-dropping offers! Did you know about the Limeroad discount offers which are upto 70% off? Go buy now!

offshoulder dress

  1. Make them formal

Um, well, unless you have really, really strict rules in your office when it comes to dressing, then you may sport them, mind you, only, if only they don’t show too much skin and if they are as good as your sleeveless shirt, then you can go for it! And did I mention you can tailor an outfit? Get a wide checked blouse and a matching skirt, tada! You’re ready.

  1. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, chokers, and off shoulders go hand in hand. Long necklaces look good only on skinny jeans or palazzos. Also, it is important to wear right makeup. If your choice was the skirt, then it’s better to keep the makeup minimal. And, yes, coming to the most important question while wearing the off-shoulder things. What kind of inner wear goes with the clothing? Well, definitely not the regular ones, as the straps show! Therefore, we recommend an underwire one, or a strapless one!

offshoulder +deepika

Deepika, Sonam and other Bollywood Stars and the New York fashion week says yes to off shoulders, so why wait? Rock them, ladies!


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