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Irresistible hair accessories

There are so many hair accessories coming up these days and I have fallen in love with them lately. I like to style my hair differently and use different accessories to style them. To be honest they change the entire look.

Irresistible me is well know for its amazing range of hair extensions and diamond hair straightener and they were was very kind to send me few of their new hair accessories and I have been obsessed with their quality. There are beautifully designed and right sized which makes it more comfortable. There headbands are gorgeous and doesn’t irritate behind your ears which generally happens to me with other headbands I use and I was super impressed with this one.

Trinity Hair Combs is very different than others and my favorite. Its everyday every day wearable and you can style it according to your liking. I love to wear it during night out especially because it adds perfect glamour to your look. You ca rock this hair accessory with a messy bun.

Trinity hair combs

Ruby Headband is a gorgeous red color headband with a satin bow and it’s perfect for everyday look. On any casual look it goes really well and adds that perfect vintage look. To add a bit of extra glamour you can do a side messy bun and wear this headband for a perfect vintage look.



Pearl Headband is a beautiful silver plated headband with rhinestones and pearls which looks so elegant. This can be worn for any parties or just every day with a simple look. The pearls in this makes the entire headband looks beautiful and sparkly. Β I love how intricate the design is.

Irresistible me headbands

Overall, I loved the designs and their collection and there are great ranges of hair accessories so I highly recommend you to look into these. Currently, the site is offering upto 30% sale on their items and they ship worldwide so take a look while offer lasts.

You can view there full range here.

Which one is favorite among these? Have you tried any other hair accessories? Thanks for reading!


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