NYX Liquid Crystal Liner In Crystal Silk | Review

NYX Crystal Glitter Liner

Lately I have been obsessed with glitters and love using them whenever I can. I am just a beginner when it comes to makeup and I dint want to spend bucks on glitter liners. I heard so many people rave about UD heavy metal liquid glitter liners but $20 for glitter liner? Nah! So, I found this NYX Crystal glitter liners at my nearest Ulta and gave it a try since they are so inexpensive and glad I did!!

I got NYX Crystal Glitter Liner in the shade Crystal Silk which is a nice light gold sparkly color which adds a bling to your eye. The application is super easy and goes on smoothly unlike other glitter liners which gets too dry while applying and difficult to work with. This liner goes smoothly and dries up in couple of minutes. I wait for additional few minutes just to be sure that it’s completely dry so that it doesn’t gets messed up. You can use this as a liner or just add on your eyelids for that entire glitter eye look as its not messy while loose glitters can be hard to work with at times. You can build the coats on how intense you like or just leave with one coat which is pretty pigmented for a drugstore brand. The Packaging looks so beautiful and comes in tube with a black cap and applicator is easy to work.

I highly recommend to you all who are into glitter liners and want to try something from drugstore.

Have you tried any glitter liners? Which is your favorite? Thanks for reading!


Price: $4.99

14 thoughts on “NYX Liquid Crystal Liner In Crystal Silk | Review

  1. Mica de Leon says:

    Oh, I myself don’t own any glitter liner.. though I’ve tried a few testers before. They look nice for formal events and parties, but since I’m usually just at home I didn’t add glitter liners to my make up collection. Anyway, good job on the eye makeup! The Nyx Crystal liner looked beautiful.

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