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As I have dry skin I’m always looking out for something hydrating on my skin when it comes to any skincare or makeup setting products.  While shopping online I came across this PIXI makeup fixing spray which contains rose water and green tea I definitely wanted to try this out. So, I went ahead and treated myself with this amazing spray.

PIXI has some really good products and can be quite expensive but totally worth it at least for this product. I was looking out for a spray which can be used for multi-purpose and this one does the job which I was looking for. It’s really effective when used before/after makeup. It works great as a primer and really extends your makeup longevity. You can also use after makeup as a setting spray to set your makeup and add a soft focus finish on your skin. Usually with my dry skin, I get patches around my nose area when I wear makeup so this definitely helps in giving me a smooth and soft finish. It also prevents makeup settling into lines. I love to use this as a toner and spritz all over my face because the Green tea and Rose water present in it helps in getting rid of that acne, blemishes and gives a clean skin with hydration.

The packaging is adorable and comes in a plastic spray bottle but very sturdy so doesn’t look cheap at all and very easy to carry in a handbag or while you travel. I love to carry this every day at work and just spritz all over my face whenever my skin feels dull and dry.

I would highly recommend this to all skin types as it’s an amazing makeup fixing spray/ toner which works great for skin and love how my skin feels and looks after using this. The only con I think its little expensive when compared to other drugstore brands.

Price: $15

Rating: 4.7/5


42 thoughts on “PIXI Makeup Fixing Spray | Review

    • karishmarajendrakumar says:

      I am yet to get my hands on glow tonic but this one is really goo and I am convinced that PIXi does some amazing products !

  1. Emily says:

    Great review! I’ve been thinking about purchasing this actually! There’s been several times where I’ve put it in my cart and then taken it back out. I just hadn’t read enough about it. Sounds like I finally might have to give it a shot! I love all their other products. 🙂

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    • karishmarajendrakumar says:

      This is only product I have tried and I love it. Heard great stuff about Glow tonic and I am gonna try that soon.

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