5 Ways to style a Crop Top

Crop tops are in vogue from a long time now and if you have never bought one it is time now to add a crop top in your closet.

Are you not sure how to wear crop tops? Will I look good wearing a crop top? Crop tops are probably just meant for thin people!! These are the questions that run in our head when we think about crop tops. It’s not true that you must be skinny or have a super flat belly to wear a crop top. You only need a couple of tricks to style perfectly and pull off the look. Here are our top 5 ways to wear a crop top.

With a Kimono:

Kimonos are so much in trend now and its perfect time to wear these. Adding a kimono to your outfit is a great way to rock a crop top without showing too much of skin. This is the ultimate summer beach look!


With High-Waist Shorts:

A crop with a pair of high-waist shorts is a perfect trendsetting summer beach look. You definitely can’t go wrong with this.

high waisted shorts

With High-Waist Jeans:

A crop top paired with high waist jeans looks super chic and stylish. Wearing an heels/pumps or wedges will add that oomph factor!! This is my favorite way to wear a crop top not showing too much of my skin yet look stylish.

With a Skater Skirt:

Skater skirt usually rides up pretty high so you don’t have to worry about showing your skin. Crop top looks cute with a skater skirt. To more feminine look pair the crop top with a maxi skirt.

With Loose Pants:

Loose pants which are currently trendy for the following season can also be combined with the cropped top. These are super comfy and give a casual chic look.


It’s all about combining the right proportion and anything carried with a confidence gives the best look.

What do you guys think? Which is your favorite way to style a crop top? Hope you guys enjoyed reading!