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Irresistible hair accessories

There are so many hair accessories coming up these days and I have fallen in love with them lately. I like to style my hair differently and use different accessories to style them. To be honest they change the entire look.

Irresistible me is well know for its amazing range of hair extensions and diamond hair straightener and they were was very kind to send me few of their new hair accessories and I have been obsessed with their quality. There are beautifully designed and right sized which makes it more comfortable. There headbands are gorgeous and doesn’t irritate behind your ears which generally happens to me with other headbands I use and I was super impressed with this one.

Trinity Hair Combs is very different than others and my favorite. Its everyday every day wearable and you can style it according to your liking. I love to wear it during night out especially because it adds perfect glamour to your look. You ca rock this hair accessory with a messy bun.

Trinity hair combs

Ruby Headband is a gorgeous red color headband with a satin bow and it’s perfect for everyday look. On any casual look it goes really well and adds that perfect vintage look. To add a bit of extra glamour you can do a side messy bun and wear this headband for a perfect vintage look.



Pearl Headband is a beautiful silver plated headband with rhinestones and pearls which looks so elegant. This can be worn for any parties or just every day with a simple look. The pearls in this makes the entire headband looks beautiful and sparkly.  I love how intricate the design is.

Irresistible me headbands

Overall, I loved the designs and their collection and there are great ranges of hair accessories so I highly recommend you to look into these. Currently, the site is offering upto 30% sale on their items and they ship worldwide so take a look while offer lasts.

You can view there full range here.

Which one is favorite among these? Have you tried any other hair accessories? Thanks for reading!


Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette | Review


This palette has been hiding somewhere inside and I totally forgot about how much I love this palette. Sadly, this not available anymore but you can get the shades separately in Morphe brushes website. This palette was in collaboration with a Youtuber Jaclyn Hill and Morphe brushes and was much hyped palette. It was first released in January 2015 but I didn’t get it and then I saw so many people raving about this palette so when they released this palette for the second time in April 2015 I grabbed them. The Morphe brushes site was totally jammed but still I managed to get them and glad I did it.

This palette has 28 shades with variety of finishes like matte, shimmer, duo-chrome and metallic. This palette has mainly warm, medium warm and deep warm and cool tones as Jaclyn Hill love her warm shades. I love the fact that this palette has lot of warm shades options which can be suitable for all skin tones. These are so pigmented, smooth and not powdery at all. The metallic shades are super pigmented and makes your eye look pop. If you only owned this eyeshadow palette you’d be pretty set when creating everyday looks to more dramatic ones.  However, a black shade is missing but none the less this palette is wonderfully curated and I love using it. This palette was priced at $27.99 and this makes one eyeshadow pan literally just $1.


4- A frosty off-white highlight shade

54- A shimmery peach champagne

6- A shimmery beige champagne

76- A shimmery golden beige

64- A warm brown

14- Matte burnt orange

75- A shimmery rusted gold

67- Light peach-brown with pink and purple duo-chrome

13- Milk chocolate brown

62- Brown with taupe undertones

63- Medium cool brown

20- Warm brown with strong gold shimmer

47- Burnt orange with intense gold shimmer

66- Matte coral

33- A bright peachy pink

68- Metallic berry

16- Rosy brown

15- Warm orangey caramel brown

61- Cool khaki brown

24- Soft brown with red undertones

74-Metallic copper- bronze

11- Garnet

59- Matte vibrant pink magenta

38- Purple with blue duo-chrome

53- Medium muted shimmer grape purple

48- Deep shimmer toned purple

71- Matte maroon

19- Vibrant rock green

Overall, I love this palette and it’s a great palette from neutral to dramatic look.


Price: $27.99

Rating: 5/5

ELF Glitter Primer | Review


Lately I have been obsessed with all glitter eye-makeup and I really want to try one before because I have never done any kind of glitter eye-makeup. I didn’t want to spend much on a glitter primer because I was not sure will I like it or not so when I was walking on my Target beauty aisle I spotted this incredibly amazing Glitter Primer from ELF.

This is primer is literally $2 and totally worth and works really best for the price. The glitter sticks very easily and glue has consistency like elmers glue. Texture is smooth and blends easily and the color of glue is beige, but it turns out in clear transparent layer after blending it.Just apply the glitter primer wherever you want it and then take your loose glitter and just dab it and voila!! It looks so beautiful and glitter stays on place for quite a long time and no fallouts.  Your eye doesn’t feel stiff or sticky with this glitter primer which is great. This is not a waterproof so comes out very easily.

The packaging comes in a squeeze tube with a silver cap and it’s not messy to use.

I highly recommend this glitter primer/glue to everyone because of its price and for beginners who wants to play with glitters.


Which is your favorite glitter glue/primer?  Have you used this one before? Thanks for reading 🙂

Unique Blogger Award

Unique Blogger Award

Hey loves,

I have been nominated for Unique Blogger Award by gorgeous Saabri from PhashionBug. It is really encouraging to get appreciated from our fellow bloggers.

So a big thanks to her and don’t forget to check out her blog.

The rules are,

  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown her love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the following questions:
  • What is your most favourite drugstorebrand and high-end brand for make-up and why?
  • Who is your most favourite make-up guruand why?
  • What is the your most favourite placeyou have travelled to? Please share one destination that is on your travel wishlist.

In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award

Here are my answers,

  • My favorite drugstore brand is NYX since it has got some really great products at a very affordable price and also they are cruelty free and high-end brand is MAC mainly because of their foundation and concealer otherwise I am totally drugstore addict since they have really good products which are more affordable.
  • My favorite makeup guru is Jaclyn Hill. I first started watching her tutorials and that’s how I got into makeup. Her blending techniques are so good.
  • My favorite place so far has been New York. I loved that city and had some really great memories. I would love to go back to that place again. Europe is on my travel wishlist.

Here are some of the blog which are attractive and unique in their own way and I nominate them and hope that they carry this award forward,


Thrifty Meets Splurgy

faded Rouge

Fun House Vision

The Beauty Mascot

Curious and Confused Me

Natural Beauty and Makeup

And finally ask them 3 questions,

  1. Which is your holy grail skincare product?
  2. Which are favorite Red lipstick from both drugstore and high-end brand?
  3. How did you get into makeup?

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this!


How to Style the Off Shoulder Clothing: The Fashion Guide

Guest Post By Lavanya P

Off shoulder tops are right now the hottest thing in the world of women’s fashion! The cold shoulder tops, the cousins of off shoulders came into the picture after a long period of dormancy. And now, once again, the fashion world has been rocked hard by these trendy cuties. Although the bare shoulders are downright brilliant, we still have issues when it comes to their styling. How to wear? Which accessories will go with the outfit? What about the makeup? All this goes in mind when we try off shoulder but here are some tips on that, which should ease your turmoil. Read on!

  1. Pair them up with Palazzo!

Aye, another hottest trend of the season, Palazzo pants. These wide legged trousers became every girl’s new best friend, owing to the comfort that pajamas give and the the best part of it is that you can actually be stylish in them! And coming to off shoulder tops, let’s go on with one rule. If the pants are printed, go for a plain and simple tops. With lace linings or something similar. But no prints on prints!


  1. Say yes to skinny jeans

Skinny jeans is love. And an off shoulder top on it is super stylish and chic-looking. Again, make sure that you wear something that compliments your whole look. You can go for striped tops, as they look really cool with the jeans. Sneakers can be donned too, if you want a casual look! And as for the alternative, there are always heels!

offshoulder+skinny jeans

  1. Let it rain Skirts!

Do you know who invented the skirts? If you do, well, you should thank that person because skirts are the lifelines of girls. They come to the immediate rescue of hiding those extra pounds, or when it’s an emergency look-like-a-lady occasion, oh you get the picture! And just imagine how cute you’d be looking if you wore a cute off shoulder top on a nice floral or printed skirt? So bring them up, and get loads of compliments for the fashionista that you are!

  1. Dresses

Ah, well. Dresses! Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s off shoulder oh-so-chic looking dress (from the TV show!)? Yeah well, that woman could pull over any look! And so can you. Get the off shoulder dress and rock it. Get some pleasant colors like corals, pinks, and blues, in floral prints if possible. And then pair them up with stilettos and you’re good to go. You can order them online for jaw-dropping offers! Did you know about the Limeroad discount offers which are upto 70% off? Go buy now!

offshoulder dress

  1. Make them formal

Um, well, unless you have really, really strict rules in your office when it comes to dressing, then you may sport them, mind you, only, if only they don’t show too much skin and if they are as good as your sleeveless shirt, then you can go for it! And did I mention you can tailor an outfit? Get a wide checked blouse and a matching skirt, tada! You’re ready.

  1. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, chokers, and off shoulders go hand in hand. Long necklaces look good only on skinny jeans or palazzos. Also, it is important to wear right makeup. If your choice was the skirt, then it’s better to keep the makeup minimal. And, yes, coming to the most important question while wearing the off-shoulder things. What kind of inner wear goes with the clothing? Well, definitely not the regular ones, as the straps show! Therefore, we recommend an underwire one, or a strapless one!

offshoulder +deepika

Deepika, Sonam and other Bollywood Stars and the New York fashion week says yes to off shoulders, so why wait? Rock them, ladies!