Valentia Night Serum Retinol | Review

Valentia Retinol Serum

I was super excited when Valentia asked me to try their night serum as I have heard lot of good stuff about their night moisturizer.  I have been testing this product religiously every night for more than a week and I am totally impressed with it.

This Night Revive Serum contains Retinol aka Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Squalane. The blend of all natural ingredients in this serum is so pleasing and this is what helps in helping your skin to improve and keep nourished. Retinol helps in improving the wrinkles and preventing them from forming and also helps to get rid of acne and evens out skin discoloration. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps prevent premature ageing and giving more younger looking skin. Vitamin E is something I always look for in products as they help in getting rid of dry skin and gives hydration to your skin making it look smooth and soft canvas.


Honestly, I have been trying for weeks and initially I loved the way my skin feels and looks the next morning. It gives a nice plump effect and tighten your skin. I could really see the tightening of my skin within couple of nights using this and I was totally amazed by this. The texture is very lightweight and thin consistency. It gets easily absorbed to your skin within application. It doesn’t leave any oily or greasy effect.  Just take a small pea size amount and apply all over your face. A small amount does a good job and when applied in excess it might give a greasy look on your face but however it gets absorbed in your skin after sometime.

Valentia Night Retinol Serum Review

However, from day one I used I got a pimple on my face. As I kept using these for few days there were more and more zits appearing and I was convinced may be its because of this serum so I completely stopped using this. My pimples dint show up anymore. So again after couple of day I used this at night and the next day I see a new pimple appearing. I was totally convinced by now that its because of using this serum and I no longer use it and again there were no more pimple appearing. I was really upset has I really liked the way my skin tightened up using this but can’t use anymore.  I really wish it could work for me.

If you have don’t have sensitive skin you should definitely considering buying this but otherwise just pass it. I would not recommend to acne prone or sensitive skin people.

Have you used this before? Which is your favorite night time serum? Thanks for reading!

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Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Thoughts and opinions are my own 100% unbiased an honest. (Sponsored Post)


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    • karishmarajendrakumar says:

      I am so glad it worked out for you. I loved how my skin felt and looked using this but their were acne so had to stop using this !

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